Inactivity Reminder

Hi all.

I believe most of us know about the lack of stories and posts on the sites, even coming from us admins.

In fact, I had to lock the place of activity for a while due to what could develop into a fight on the wiki.

This does not mean we've given up hope on this wiki entirely. It simply means that we're busy with other things. Cat is working on his first EP, and I've got a bit of issues that I haven't sorted out yet. Ditto on Kabogh, though. I haven't catched up with him on the wiki.

I, and the other admins, would like to take our time to remind our visitors and pasters to keep on writing. I'm currently working on a Five Nights At Freddy's parody, but due to lack of motivation, and having to make Photoshop posters that I always have to adjust, it's being held back. This is also the case with the upcoming guides. Don't worry, they will be happening, but due to lack of motivation and issues, they're getting delayed.

Sorry for all the lack of activity, but we'll be building it all up again. We promise.