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• 10/31/2017

okay i cringe at the shit i did 2 years ago

how the fuck was i this stupid, i cringed so hard my head exploded(literally) and almost started to cry because of me being so fucking dumb back then, im glad im a genius today(haha jk im still an idiot), why did i do that shit all those years ago.

guys i need help.

i should probably kill myself now(stop being 11skulls 2.0 -like literally every person on the fucking planet)

i am also very edgy.


these days im turning into 11skulls

i might become 11skulls

and now i realize i forgot that previous account was blocked.

kill me for being here

please just kill me

kill me

kill me please

also remember how i used to say i was psychotic? well i figured out i wasn't back then

but today i found out what real insanity is, and it makes me want to kill myself(i joke about suicide bombing, 9/11, suicide, i also joke about torture and nuclear bombs, and i also joke about masochism, and i am a masochist. god my sense of humor is dark kill me please. i also can be sadistic sometimes, my insanity makes me want to kill myself, ha who knows i could be normal actually, but idk really, but please, just nuke the U.S(just a prank bro), i want to die.)

god when i read that shit from two years ago i still fucking cringe. why was i so dumb.

haha i love making myself feel worse  about myself

i am a guy who absolutely hates himself.

n a n i


god why cant i stop reading what's making me cringe so hard.

how the fuck did i be so stupid.

me cringing:

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• 12/9/2017
When you grow up, you inevitably change. Your mind becomes wiser as you grow older and things you said or wrote before will make you embarrassed. It's completely normal. The only thing you can do about it is get over it and remember the mistakes you did to avoid redoing them and perhaps take some life lessons from those moments to give back to your children in the future.
• 12/10/2017
nah, it wasn't embarrassing, just made me think "What the fuck, was i on drugs or something at that time?"
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