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We all know the admins of the Creepypasta Wiki, right? Well... In this pasta, I will establish a typical day in the

life of a CP Wiki Author.

"There is a difference between giving feedback on something, and giving harsh feedback. Harsh feedback doesn't anything but the opposite of intention. It's discouraging. Admins don't give feedback, which leaves us with the second one." - ThatCatIsCool

A Day In The Life of A Creepypasta Author Edit

I'm bored... AHA! I've got an idea! I'll right a creepypasta!


"Thenz teh spoky skelton popd out and they all dieed!!! plz coment and ye. i except all fedbeck."

Phew! - That was alot of work! Hmm... Maybe I should revise it a little, just to make sure.

5 Hours Later...

Revised: "Then, the spooky skeleton popped out any they all died!"

Done! And now to publish! - "Something Went Wrong" - What?! - "Something we..." - WHAT?!

Oh, I need to write in the source editor... UGH

1 Hour Later...

Okay, DONE! And now I can finally publish my 30 page Creepypasta!

"Published" - Awesome, now I need to just click wiki activity so I can read it.

Where is it? What the fuck... I was just on it and now it's not there. Well, it's been 3 seconds, it probably just needs a second to refresh *clicks refresh* - Oh... It's still not there, backspace maybe?

"This page has been deleted" - Okay, yea, OKAY YEA OKAY YEA OKA...-

Total Time Spent Wasted: 3 Days and 6 hours.