The location on the moon where it is infact not light

Author's Note: In order to understand the jokes in this pasta, you have to listen to Pink Floyd's album "Dark Side of the Moon" - Which is one of the best albums to ever exist. Truly.

Also, read "Michael and Stephen's Adventure" first. It will explain who one of the characters are, and it will also give you a background on a certain drug in this pasta.

Finally, this is not my best pasta. I don't even think it's that great. Any feedback accepted of course, except don't just say "Could have been improved" Tell me what I can improve. Don't just say I could improve. That doesn't improve anything.


The Spaghetti Edit

Divad Gylmore

Divad Gylmore (band member)

"Blue Floyd" were a popular band in the 1970's. They released many albums, but one of them stood out to a

man named Roger Liquid. It was the album that won a Music Hall of Fame from the Grammy Awards. The album that's sold 50 million copies worldwide. "The Location on the Moon Where It Is Infact Dark"...was one of the best albums to ever exist in the history of everything" - Says Jim Hamslice, a musician living in Churchville, CT. So of course Roger decided to buy it.

"High, how are you?" - Roger

"I'm good, thanks. Buying a record?" - Store Owner (John)

"Yes, The location on the moon where it is infact dark, to be specific." - Roger

"Oh yes, this is a great album, classic! My favorite song on it is called "Finance" it's so good, that the radio has to play it all the fucking time please fucking stop, local radio station." - John

"Mm..." - Roger.

After that, Roger went home, and decided to listen to the record. Pulling it out at 1.429 seconds an hour, the record flies around his house for 3.4 seconds. He puts the needle on the record, and the first thing he hears is...

"AHH!! AAHH!! I've been mad for 20 years, mate, 20-fucking years... Hahaha! HAAHAA! Ha hah ha! AHAHAH!!


"Amazing" Roger screamed at the top of his sgnul.

"Exhale... Exhale in the oxygen... Don't be paranoid to give a fuck"

"10/10 best album ever." Roger said.

The next song, "TIME"

"Ticking away the occasions that make up stupid day..."

"Meh" Roger said.

As Roger listened to the album, he quickly realized, he's gonna' need something to make this 10 times better.


Jim Hamslice's return... Edit

"Hey, Jim, it's me Roger"

"Oh hey, Roger. What do you want."




Nyaope + Blue Floyd Edit

Roger smoked his nyaope, and quickly fell into his trip.

The wall was all wavey... He even imagined Blue Floyd in his room, singing "Intellectual Destruction" to him. He fell down on the floor, and woke up the next morning dead...

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