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This Game Sucks. Don't Buy It.

Chronik the Hedgecock is a pathetic game created by (Sega Is Stupid).

Teh PawstuhEdit

Please keep this on the shelves because what you're about to spend is going to be like the expierience i had.

I just hated this game, thats all im going to say. The games plot is where you take this retarded hedgecock (A Hedgehog with a Penis) to find an under-the-table job. Like being a pizza guy, a janitor at chucky cheesus, working at a store, a babysitter, or destroying robots for better pay. but of course you will take damage in the process of killing the robot and you will probably die. There's an antagonist called Dr. Eggdick, who is you're landlord, and if you dont pay him the rent money you owe him, he throws you out of you're condoe, then the game is over.

I didn't have that much fun with the game, as it can be beaten in 30 minuites, it wasn't worth the time i spent on this piece of shit. I've been through worse than this... Wrong, this was the worst 30 minuites of my goddamn life i spent on something meaningless and pathetic. Even the title screen was something i laughed at, as it was pourly animated and kinda reminded me of sonic.exe.

I want my 30 minuites back. ;-(

Too bad go ask daddy?