Hello. You probably do not know who I am. That is not important, however. Tonight, I am going to tell you the story of how my life got flipped upside down. Take a minute and sit right there, and I'll tell you how I ended up in a town in L.A. A town I wish I'd never visited.

It all started back in the western areas of Philadelphia. That was, after all, where I'd been born and raised in my entire life up to this point. I was content to simply spend my days playing basketball outside of the local school with my friends.

Things, however, took a drastic turn when a gang appeared one day. They had a disagreement with me that led to a fight.

I came home that night battered and bruised, and this terrified my mother to the point where she shipped me off to a town in L.A. to live with my aunt and uncle.

I protested, West Philly was my home after all, but there no changing her mind. She gave me a kiss and handed my my ticket.

I knew after a while that arguing was pointless, so I plugged in my walkman and headed to the airport.
Honestly, the flight wasn't bad. I was able to drink orange juice out of a champagne glass, so I figured things must be okay.

Eventually, when my plane landed several hours later, I exited the airport with my belongings and whistled for a cab.

When it arrived, I noticed something odd. The licence plate simply said “Fresh" on it, no numbers or anything you'd typically see on a license plate.

After some contemplation, I shrugged it off as just normal for this area and asked the cabbie to take me to my aunt and uncle's house.

It was around 7 or 8 pm by the time we arrived. As I exited the cab, I left the cabbie with a rude remark, since he'd taken six wrong turns on the way here.

But that didn't matter. I was finally here, to sit on my throne as the new Prince of this town.

Oh, yeah, and then I gouged out my eyes, sending hyperealistic blood everywhere. Almost forgot to mention that.