Case 117-895-A

Case 117-895-A

Not to be confused with Smile Dog

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El Retardo

I wrote this story to officially make peace with Kabogh

"El Retardo"

In the summer of 19--, agents from the Diabeetus Defense Unit were sent into a small rural town named -----, in the state of ------. They were sent there to investigate the mysterious deaths of fourteen people. The victims disappeared from their homes and were found disemboweled floating down the -------- River nearly the next day. Even stranger, traces of ricin were found in their systems. One elderly woman claims to have seen a dog-like entity drag off her grandchildren. When she begged it to release them, it allegedly muttered, "Resistance is futile.". She died the following evening.

Agents ----- and --------- tracked the monstrosity to its dwelling in the nearby -------- Mountains. They requested help from Agents ------, -------, and --------. The remaining agent, ------- guarded the town while they left to terminate the creature now called by the townsfolk " El Retardo". They were never found, but an audio log was left at the entrance to the dwelling:

"Holy shit! What the hell is that thing?!?"

"I don't know, but we should dispatch it quickly."

  • Multiple rounds are heard being fired, and reloading is also heard*

"Augghhhhh! IT'S GOT ME! HELP!"

  • Audio log ends*

The Binary Code

The remaining Agent -------- later recovered a bloody note. It was written in binary. It was later translated to say: I fuck your ass.