The Squash Mouse Series

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Remember that old Mickey cartoon about squashing pigeons? Heard it's got a game.

Disney posted it on gamejolt for no reason. If you want to see what happens in the game, read on.

Gameplay Edit

I was welcomed with a menu that kinda looked like the Five Nights at Freddy's menu, except the title was not FNaF, but Squash Mouse, and instead of Freddy, there was Mickey Mouse, who was holding Doritos and Mtn Dew, wearing a fedora and shades, and who was keeping a sniper in his backpack.

I had two buttons for two options.

Button 1: play liek an MLG lord

Button 2: reed help lieka skrub

I obviously didn't know what to do, so I clicked the help button. Then a seizure screen came up with airhorns and insulting text flying around. The game crashed afterwards, becuase of the lag.

I clicked Button 1 the next time I started the game up, and I was playing as "XxXx_P1G30N_5N1P3R_M1CK3Y_xXxX". I walked over to a building, and then there was a cutscene. In the cutscene, a tramp living on top of the building requested a 1v1 with XxXx_P1G30N_5N1P3R_M1CK3Y_xXxX. The mouse agreed, and then the FaZe Intro came up playing "I Keep Holding On" (the part before the bass drop). After the intro finished, Pigeon Sniper Mickey, who was now on top of the building as well, jumped, turned 360 degrees while using the scope mode, and shot the tramp. Yes, that 360 quickscope was NOT legit, but the text from the next seizure screen with random stuff flying around said it WAS legitimate. The lag got so bad that my entire computer crashed.

That's why the download page for the Squash Mouse game is taken down.