The Squash Mouse Series

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It's been a while since I last wrote about something related to Squash Mouse. Recently I found a video on YouTube called "". It was just another Montage Parody. There was nothing in the video excluding seizure screens. This video was uploaded by the channel "Squash Mouse". This channel was uploading anti-pigeon videos and advertising the videos on random comment sections. The next week, I checked out the channel again and it had been suspended. The channel "Squash Mouse 2" explained why the channel was suspended. The reason was for hating pigeons. For some reason pigeons use YouTube. But that channel got suspended for the same reason, and then a newer channel called "Squash Mouse 3" took over YouTube. Everything was spelled incorrectly, and all the videos on the new "YoouChoobbb" were montage parodies. I smashed a whole through my computer when I found this out. But Squash Mouse didn't just take over YouTube, he took over the WORLD. I was arrested for "hateing teh kang" and I am now writing this third Squash Mouse entry in prison.


#1: Don't hate pigeons. I DON'T CARE IF THEY'RE NOT ON YOUTUBE.

#2: Don't mess with Squash Mouse.



Jack Robins