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NotOrlando: Hey, does anyone remember The Night Island? It was a kid show that ran in the 80's. I was about 8 or 9 when it aired, I think. Anybody else remember?

chekrulz: lol no 80s kid go bak to ur fredy kruger and feris buler shit >:D

[Admin] Barbarica: Yeah, I remember. It aired on Channel...21? No, that was the one with the killer bear in it. Sorry, it was 16.

NotOrlando: From what I can recall, it was about a little girl who fled from home to a dreamworld called Night Island. In Night Island/We live in-- sorry, can't get that bloody tune out of my head now that it was mentioned. But it goes downhill from there.

[Admin] Barbarica: Did that one have any killer bears?

NotOrlando: It didn't have any killer fucking bears!

LaPaS: Oh yeah, night island. Did anyone remember Robbie?

[Admin] Barbarica: Oh god, not that atrocity. He used to scare me when I watched it. I would've had nightmares, had those nightmares not been overshadowed by another nightmare.

chekrulz: fuk u guys i wantd to tlk abot other sht not this <:( screw u im outa here

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LaPaS: Okay then

NotOrlando: If only Robbie had been the only thing to soil myself. That'd only happen if the Childkiller magically disappeared from the show before it started.

LaPaS: Fuck, not Childkiller. With everything from his skin to his limbs made by killing children.

[Admin] Barbarica: I can just imagine the TV executives; "OK, you have a guy who kills children and has their remains put onto him. That'll make great kid show material!"

NotOrlando: Anyone remember that episode where everyone just screams and everything? I mean, it was pretty disturbing.

LaPaS: Thank u for the nightmares. I appreciate that

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hunted: Guys, I don't know, but I feel like someone is going to take me away soon. A monster. Promise me you never look for The Crier, a mysterious urban legend, or you'll end up with the same fate as I and many others.

NotOrlando: Not now, you fucker, we're discussing a disturbing kid show. Take your Crier shit and shove it up your ass.

hunted: Well, thank you for the cohesherehelpmetgdbkm c

hunted: You will all be next. Wake up to expect the Crier at your bed, looking over you before he kills you.

[Admin] Barbarica: Oh, shut up.

hunted: You guys NEVER like it when I try to warn you of me. <:'(

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LaPaS: Here's the weird thing: my mom came in and saw me watching it. "Oh, how good your imagination is with your Night Island! I mean, you can create all that static into a new experience!"

...She then sat down with me and watched the static. "It's very addictive, isn't it?" she asked.

[Admin] Barbarica: Now, about the killer bears...

NotOrlando: Shut up with those fucking killer bears!